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Welcome To Our Real Matrix!

Did you know that we (and all life) are unknowingly imprisoned? “Welcome to Our Real Matrix” proves it using accepted science taken to its logical conclusion. 

The Real Matrix is both the biological processes for all organisms and the biomass resulting from those processes. It includes each living organism’s (including each human’s) individual, unique, and interrelated perception of, and response to, Reality, which resides internally in the organism. This results in the false appearance of being Reality when it is only the interpretation of the signals received by each organism’s sensory receptors. Furthermore, the Real Matrix emerged and continues to emerge in a non-directional way through the processes of abiogenesis (emergence of life) and evolution.

 There are many similarities between the Real Matrix we exist within and the Matrix from the movie, including its ubiquity coupled with our lack of awareness from within it. The differences are more overwhelming, including that the Real Matrix emerged in a non-directional/intentional way and that there is no escape.

 Once these conclusions are reached, the book then explores the implications and what possibly humans could do with this corrected view our reality.

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The Purplepills Society is a community of seekers that acknowledge the existence of the Real Matrix described in the book, "Welcome to Our Real Matrix" and many of its implications, and seek to understand it better while developing life philosophies within its presence.

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About Tom Arant

A few years ago, I was working my way through some popular books on evolutionary biology, genetics, and other topics. Somewhere in there, I re-watched the movie, The Matrix. During the movie, I had an epiphany that led to the creation of this book.

Fortunately, I have spent my business career being the intermediary between Fortune 500 clients with complex business challenges and software providers with potential technology solutions. With degrees from Johns Hopkins and UNC, and a background in economics, systems analysis, and transformation consulting, I have been able to apply my analytical, writing, and presentation skills in the development of Welcome to Our Real Matrix.